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Zinc-UK was established in 2009 by scientists actively engaged in researching zinc in biology in the UK. Our major aim is to understand and promote the central role that zinc plays in health and disease from the smallest unit of life through to humans. We shall achieve this by dissemination of novel ideas, encouraging open discussion and fostering collaboration amongst scientists, industry, publishers, decision-making bodies and teachers at all levels. This requires a multi disciplinary approach that encompasses disciplines from small molecule synthetic chemistry to organ (patho)physiology and from nutrition to toxicology.

The UK has a special tradition in zinc research. It includes the discovery of the first zinc enzyme carbonic anhydrase by Keilin and Mann (Molteno Institute, University of Cambridge), zinc nutrition research by Widdowson and McCance (Dunn Unit, University of Cambridge) and Mills (Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen), the discovery of the first genetic disease related to zinc metabolism, Acrodermatitis enteropathica, at Guy's Hospital London, introduction of the term "zinc-rich synapses" at the Institute of Psychiatry London, and the discovery of zinc finger proteins by the Nobel laureate Aaron Klug. We cherish and wish to build on these seminal works and remain in the forefront of research of zinc biology.

Our major goals are to generate and disseminate knowledge through:

  • Informal scientific meetings on various topics suggested by Members
  • Facilitate networking
  • Fostering the dissemination of knowledge
  • Build databases
  • Establish virtual discussion forums
  • Providing young investigators the opportunity to present their results and meet scientists that are more advanced in their careers
  • At its inception Zinc-UK was specifically set up for researchers from the UK however we have attracted scientists from several European countries and around the Globe who now attend our informal meetings on a regular basis. We hope that Zinc-UK will continue to serve as a focal point for information exchange and knowledge generation world-wide.

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